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Smoking Cessation and Intervention TreeCalc®

The MedCalc 3000 module Smoking Cessation and Intervention TreeCalc® is available in MedCalc 3000 Complete Edition.

This Decision TreeCalc evaluates the following decision points:
  • Assess / record patient's smoking status. Offer personalized advice about quitting. Is patient interested in quitting at this time?

Decision Tree end points include:
  • Set a quitting date. Assess prior efforts of what worked, what didn't. Offer nicotine replacement in patch, gum, vapor inhaler, nasal spray forms, or non-nicotine therapy such as bupropion or nortriptyline. Encourage smoker's ability to quit. Make follow up plan.
  • Identify barriers to quitting: dependence, fear of failure, lack of social support, weight gain concerns, depression, substance abuse problems. Propose good health reasons to quit. Set a quit date and follow up strategy.
  • Use motivational strategies and techniques: don't argue, acknowledge smoker's ambivalence, discover smoker's views on smoking and quitting. Go over the risks of passive smoking. Offer help when patient is ready. Set follow up strategy.


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